Emmet Chapman, Stick Enterprises

I've been designing and manufacturing my various Stick® models of fretboard tapping stringed instruments for 32 years. The particular two-handed tapping method I created for The Stick requires very low string action and a light pianistic touch, each hand approaching the strings from opposite sides of the neck.  The pickups must therefore be louder than guitar and with a favorable signal-to-noise ratio.
At my very first meeting with William Villex of Villex eight years ago, I immediately realized in our first Stick sound experiments that his innovative, miniaturized technology was capable of incredible volume in a passive, non-powered system, also capable of unusual versatility of laser like tones "tuned in" by way of his unique "magnetic circuitry".

Close to 400 Sticks have now been outfitted with this compact, multifaceted pickup module, the "PASV-4 Block ".  Usually at his initiative, William and I have continually added features to increase tonal variety, switching options, ease and economy of manufacture, and ergonomics of operation.  William's enthusiasm and imagination is "contageous" and I must say it has been a real joy working with him all these years.

New modifications are underway to once again add some new features to my PASV-4 with its four Villex pickups, all custom designed for The Stick.  For photos and description, please go to http://www.stick.com/instruments/pickups/pasv4/


Jauqo III-X I'm really impressed with the Villex system that I use.I have Villex single coil J Bass pickups in my fretless Adler Sub contra Bass (tuned Low C# F# B E) and the low end response is clear as a bell, no low end distortion at all and the overall instrument response is beautiful. It can be heard on my CD recording"The Low C# Theory".