Villex passive mid-range boosters

Part No Image Description Price
PRTB caps Passive rotary tone booster for guitars and basses (New!   Sound sample) $96

Passive mid-range booster for installation on any guitar/bass brand $74

SJMB 3 Stratocaster passive mid-range booster (New!   Sound sample) $112

Active-like boost with no battery

For decades guitar players faced a difficult choice. Active mid-range boosters give more control over the tone of the guitar, but come at the price of battery installation. Thanks to Villex passive booster technology, the choice is no longer difficult. Villex passive rotary tone booster works through  maximizing pickup output by recovering energy which is otherwise lost. The Villex boosters give all the benefits of active boosters with no disadvantages of added noise, battery installation and replacement.


Boost levels

Villex boosters provide up to 7 db true boost. Boost levels may differ depending on pickups on the guitar and amplifier used. As any passive circuit, Villex boosters require high impedance input with impedance ≥ 1Mohm.

Gain equalization for multiple pickups

Villex boosters automatically raise gain levels for two pickup selector positions, such as positions 2 and 4 on a Stratocaster, to make them level with one pickup selector positions. This improves the sound of the positions 2 and 4, making them sound as loud as positions 1, 3 and 5. Since positions 2 and 4 have humbucking properties, they can be used in a high electromagnetic hum environment.