Welcome to Villex, makers of extremely high quality passive pickup systems for bass guitars!

Villex is a milestone in bass pickup technology. It’s the first ever passive pickup system with fantastic range and output. Close your eyes, and you won’t believe you are listening to a passive pickup system! Villex pickups allow to conserve the natural sound of your bass for you to hear it the way it was meant to be heard…

August 2001 Bass Player Magazine says:
"A cornucopia of tones can be harvested from the deceptivly simple controls. The simple yet effective tone controls provide suprising flexibility. The Villex pickups...provided solid lows with huge fundamentals."

Modulus News say:
"Villex systems are the first passive systems we've encountered with enormous dynamic range, output equal to active preamps, tone-shaping capabilities most active systems can' t match and fundamental tone so solid, it's nearly impossible to believe... Now that they're here, we can truly say-A new era in bass pickup technology has arrived."

Harmony-Central.com user review says:
"Fantastic sound! My inexpensive bass now responds like a high-end Lakeland, Sadowsky, etc. NOT a "hyped" sound, just very even and full. Lots of tonal variety with the simple vol/vol/mid/tone setup. Once I took the time to really listen and properly evaluate these pickups, they have exceeded my expectations... I definitely would replace them if my bass were stolen! Fantastic Value!"

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